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Chapter 1162 – Zhou Wen’s Return squeamish complete
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Sad to say, Transcendent Flying Immortal experienced very high demands for cultivators. It was subsequently difficult to obtain essential mastery, plus it was even more complicated to achieve anything higher. Hence, it wasn’t acceptable for most of us to grow.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It’s not like we haven’t found Professor Ming’s snapshot right before. This senior isn’t as gentle as Ming Xiu.”
“Sis… This… Who seems to be this elderly?” Qin Mu stammered.
Zhou Wen didn’t treatment if his sword skill would spread. If an individual could understand his sword artwork, he experienced the hope there will probably be several lots more people like Qin Zhen amongst mankind.
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“In terms of sword artistry, I’m afraid only Overseer An and Chancellor Leng can information the feminine Sword Immortal. On the other hand, this person is really younger. He definitely isn’t Chancellor Leng or Overseer An.”
“Holy sh*t, so it’s him. Not surprising. I recently didn’t be expecting Qin Zhen to have learned her sword artwork from him.”
“I heard which he is positioning around the fort at Chess Mountain / hill in the past several years. It is no wonder I don’t understand him.”
“Follow me,” Zhou Wen said to Qin Zhen ahead of checking out leave.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It is not like we haven’t noticed Professor Ming’s photography well before. This senior isn’t as gentle as Ming Xiu.”
“What visitor is a lot more important than Ya’er’s physique? If he wishes to think about visitors, why does not he permit Ya’er return for dinner?” An Tianzuo snorted coldly.
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Nevertheless, Qin Zhen forgotten about Qin Mu as though she hadn’t heard him.
An Tianzuo couldn’t help but frown. After a pause, he requested, “Who does he bring back?”
Li Xuan was out the majority of the season and seldom given back.
An Tianzuo was no unknown person to the identify Qin Zhen. There have been not many experts from Setting sun College—Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Li Xuan, and Wei Ge ended up all very well known numbers within the Federation.
“Sis… This… Who is this senior?” Qin Mu stammered.
An Tianzuo was no unknown person to the brand Qin Zhen. There are not many experts from Sunset College—Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Li Xuan, and Wei Ge were all very renowned numbers inside the Federation.
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“Ming Xiu may not necessarily be stronger than Qin Zhen, perfect?”

That nighttime, An Tianzuo sat within the dining table and spotted An Sheng with an Jing sitting on each side. He was quoted saying by using a frown, “He’s receiving an increasing number of unruly. Doesn’t he realize that it is time for you to consume? Whether or not he’s not starving, does not he understand that youngsters ought to take in much more throughout their advancement spurt?”
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“Who is this guy? Qin Zhen actually asserted that her sword fine art was because of his guidelines?”
As every person reviewed, Qin Zhen continued, “Senior, you will still find several things that we don’t fully grasp about my sword art work. Will you supply some recommendations? I’m able to pay out any rate.”
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On listening to Zhou Wen’s terms, the scholars and Qin Mu possessed the desire to roll their eye. Was there a desire for him to praise the female sword immortal’s sword art work? On top of that, what does he suggest by ‘not terrible?’ Was he praising or criticizing her?
“Follow me,” Zhou Wen thought to Qin Zhen well before embracing keep.

“What guests is definitely more crucial than Ya’er’s system? If he desires to amuse company, why doesn’t he enable Ya’er go back for dinner?” An Tianzuo snorted coldly.
“This is Senior Zhou Wen. How could you not know him?” Qin Zhen finally observed Qin Mu’s thoughts and addressed.
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Having said that, An Tianzuo always thought that Qin Zhen was a lot better for those battlefield than instruction at school. Therefore, he obtained personally persuaded Qin Zhen to join the army many times, but Qin Zhen experienced rejected him.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It is nothing like we haven’t viewed Professor Ming’s snapshot right before. This senior isn’t as sensitive as Ming Xiu.”
Having said that, An Tianzuo always believed Qin Zhen was more effective for those battlefield than instructing in class. Consequently, he acquired personally convinced Qin Zhen to sign up for the army very often, but Qin Zhen possessed turned down him.

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